Bart van der Kooi

Bart van der Kooi

Ik heb ervaring opgedaan in het Marketing-vak, waarbij duidelijk de ‘change of the game’ heeft plaatsgevonden: Social Media als aanjager van marketing- en organisatieontwikkelingen. Ik ben ge├»nteresseerd in marketing, innovatie en technologische ontwikkelingen die deze veranderingen (kunnen) bewerkstelligen. De website is voortgekomen uit een combinatie van een voorliefde voor modellen en structuren en de interesse in ontwikkelingen die met Social Media gepaard gaan.

Ik werk als zelfstandig adviseur en marketingconsultant bij mijn eigen bedrijf: Kaiola. Mijn expertises bevatten social media, e-mailmarketing, customer journeys, content marketing, digital analytics, social advertising en meer. Ik geef presentaties, verzorg workshops en ben beschikbaar als interim marketeer. Denk je dat ik iets voor je kan betekenen? Neem dan contact met me op.

Twitter: @aboutbart
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  1. Veronika Bikova

    Dear Mr. van der Kooi,

    In relation to an on-going social media research, I would like to know whether you are willing to answer some questions. The questions concern topics such as personal experience,giving advice, stating opinions and views on social media usage among start-up companies.

    I am an international graduating student, who is specializing in International Communication and Media at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. At this moment, I carrying out a research in order to find out in what ways (effective and efficient) can start-ups attract bigger audience online and trigger more reactions. This is why I am trying to get in touch with media experts, who can shed some insights on that area and share their professional knowledge and experience.

    In case you are interested in spending some time and answer my open-ended questions, there are two options: online questionnaire or a Skype conversation. I understand that experts in the media world are constantly busy, and this is why the participation in this research would be highly appreciated, well-kept, and valued.

    Below, you can find a link to the questionnaire. It is indeed very extensive, but I have given my respondents the freedom of choosing how long they want their answers to be, and if you find it too long you can answer the questions that are at your own convenience:

    I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and consideration in advance!

    Kind regards,
    Veronika Bikova, International Communication and Media
    Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

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